Audio Normalization
Anyone who decides to have more than 20 or 30 digital music files will face the same problem:
Digital music files (eg mp3s) will have a markedly different volume level!

This is a fact and we must face it and seek a solution.

Digital files (for examples: mp3s) that a person has, have different sources.
Some have been downloaded from the internet, others have been extracted from CDs or DVDs, some others have been shared by friends, etc..
Which means that:

        None was encoded using the same encoder.

Each one was encoded using different settings (bitrate, samplerate, etc)

Result: The volume is different for each one, even the "sound" can be different.

2014 Audio Normalization
This text was translated by a machine, form an european language, sorry for any mistake.
So far we have seen that, as we get our mp3s (or digital files with other formats such as Flac, Ogg, M4a, etc. which are also supported by MP3Doctor PRO2) from such different sources, at the end of the day, ended up with a bunch (sometimes a HUGE bunch) of files with such notable volume differences, forcing us to have to manually move the volume control all the time, to adjust the volume differences of our mp3s, Flac, Ogg, etc..
Actually the ideal is to normalize the volume level, to give it a boost, so that all our audio files (even if they have different format) have a similar loudness.
Thus we forget the volume control and doas songs, even the different parts of each song, always sound like such a volume and loudness, optimum so that we can listen to it without esfuerzxo, but without fanfare. With proper and even volume as a FM radio station

Samples per Second
To get the volume levels of all our mp3s (or whatever format) are equal, with no obvious differences, we have developed the latest generation algorithms, which optimize each frame and each sample per second. We are talking about 44,100 samples per second, which means that a 3 minute song has over 7 million frames and Mp3Doctor PRO 2 normalize each one!.
Each frame is optimized at each frequency by MP3Doctor PRO 2 to achieve all of our digital music files have the same volume level and loudness.
Some users reviews:
I am a DJ and lived a very big complication with the volume differences between all my mp3, normalize needed, but the Replay Gain is very outdated for my needs. Besides the option to change the pitch without affecting the speed and vice versa has been very useful to me.
Today could not continue to act as if it were not for DJ poido normalize SERIOUSLY have all my mp3s, thanks.

N. Michelli (Italy)
With much effort, I can gain over 5000 mp3s, i love my mp3s, but my big problem I had was that large volume differences. The mp3s have different loudness, too different.
Always at the end of a song and start another, was to de-manually-move the volume control to make not noticed much difference.
MP3Doctor PRO2 came to help solve that and other things, which have allowed me to enjoy my music much more.

B, Brunner (Germany)
I spent all weekends collecting mp3s I downloaded all the places and popular programs. I started first with Napster and downloaded using mp3skull today, but the problem with my 7500 mp3s is that they have too big differences in loudness.
Look for many programs, but none could match the loudness of my songs, until I found MP3Doctor PRO2 and what surprised me a lot with my mp3s achievement, including some rarely heard instruments are now clearly audible. Also the voices sound better. Could no longer listen to music without having a MP3Doctor PRO2 installed to improve my music. Excuse my English, i used Google translate ha ha.

Walter Sydney - Belgium
Mp3Doctor PRO 2 is the only solution available
Last Generation Normalize Algorithm (2014)
Batch Audio Normalize
Integrated Equalizer
Integrated Pitch change or tempo (bmp) change

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