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Mp3Doctor PRO 2017 is, besides being a very powerful and effective audio normalizer, it also manages to boost the bass, vocals, instruments, drums, percussions ... it is also a very powerful audio converter (mp3 converter) that can convert a Mp3 file - for example - into an m4a, flac, ogg, etc. file. and vice versa. You can convert from any of these formats, to any other, in a fast powerful way and at the same time normalize the volume gain like no other program can do.
Mp3Doctor PRO2 2017 is simultaneously the most modern audio normalizer and the most efficient audio converter

(mp3 converter, flac converter, ogg converter, m4a converter, etc.)

And you can simultaneously change the BPM (beat per minute) of your song perfectly (without affecting the pitch) or, on the contrary, change the pitch or pitch of a song, without affecting its speed or BPM. In addition, the program can equalize your songs while performing all of the above ... well, in fact, it is a very powerful program, like no other, that can greatly improve the quality of your music files. And by purchasing the Mp3Doctor PRO 2017, you also get the key to use the standard Mp3Doctor PRO2, for the same price.

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Mp3Doctor PRO2 is one possible solution

Mp4Gain is another possible solution

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Mp3 Volume Adjuster - Mp3 volume enhancer

Mp3 Volume Adjuster

Did you ever have the necessity to increase the volume of the audio files? There are Mp3 volume adjuster programs that can help you to enhance the audio volume. This includes free programs like Mp3Doctor PRO, volume touch and VLC media player. Mp3Doctor PRO is considered as one of the most widely used volume enhancer or normalizing program, all around the world. The special features that you might receive along with Mp3Doctor PRO include volume and bass boost, mp3 gain and mp3 normalizer. There is a free trial period that can be utilized. This program lasts for around a month. After this trial period, the program will stop functioning. If you are interested, you can buy the registration key after 30 days. This Mp3 volume adjuster will cost you, just 30 US dollars.

This Mp3 volume adjuster helps you to check and improve the MP3 files as well as the WAV files. If you wish to modify the volume for some imperfect audio files, it can be done by methods like trimming or equalizing or even by re-sampling. The main purpose of using this Mp3 volume adjuster is to allow you to maintain the same volume and audio quality for all the MP3 files. The Mp3 volume adjuster, Mp3Doctor PRO, will also aid in converting WAV to MP3 files and vice versa. The lower portions of the songs in the music albums can be converted to higher ranges. For those who love to sing karaoke songs, the other interesting feature in this Mp3 volume adjuster is the ability to remove the vocal track in any song. However, this can be done only for the WAV files or for the MP3 files.

There is a pitch and tempo feature. Using this, one can increase the pitch of the song from low to high. Nevertheless, during this alteration, the tempo of the entire song will change, when you use other Mp3 volume adjuster programs. But when you are changing the pitch using Mp3Doctor PRO, such alterations do not occur. Similarly, when you modify the tempo of the song from fast track to slow track, the pitch of the song will not be affected. The version 5.11.056 of Mp3Doctor PRO is widely used and it has got some of the best updates and enhancements. The Mp3Doctor PRO is given a 5 star rating in most of the sites, which present special reviews on software programs.

If you wish to alter just a small portion of a single audio file, the job is quite easy and it can be performed using simple sound editing tools. But when you own a very large collection of audio files, in the form of a music library, it becomes a tedious job to do a batch adjustment. This is where Mp3Doctor PRO comes to play an important role. When audio files are altered according to the requirement, listening to such songs becomes a pleasurable experience. The Mp3Doctor PRO is overall an excellent Mp3 volume adjuster as it compiles 7 audio editing tools into a single compact program.

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